Luggage and suitcases – a buyer’s guide


Suitcases are important travel equipment since ages of modern civilization. Luggage means an object that transports food, equipment, and other supplies. The traditional suitcases were made of animal skin. The skin was dried, strengthened, and shaped into a box shape for storage. Modern imaginings of suitcases used fibreboard and plywood with fabric covering to form a stronger and stable case.

Types of luggage

Nowadays, there are various types of travel luggage that can suit all purposes and occasions. The following are some of them:

Roller suitcases

They are traditional suitcases with two or four wheels at the base to provide improved mobility. In fact, this is the common type that most people know.tvwedfcv7hdfcv8j22

Trolley bags

These are wheeled bags that have handles in the middle. They are also called wheeled holdalls. They are ideal for horizontal carrying.

Cabin cases

These are also called carry-on or hand luggage. They are lighter and smaller versions of the roller cases that are meant to fit within the set airline restrictions for the carry-on luggage. A copy of large suitcases features slight changes because of size and weight restrictions.

Garment carriers

They are like suitcases. However, they are meant to carry the clothes and keep crease free during the transit. They feature zip-up holder and built-in hangers to keep the clothes clean.


Modern suitcases are meant to resist scratching and abrasion using the tough materials like ABS plastic and denier nylon. To reduce the weight you are carrying and still maintain excellent levels of protection; the modern cases use a hybrid combination of different materials. They range from ABS plastic to nylon.


There are different suitcases currently on the market. This makes it difficult to know the right one to buy. The following are features to look for when buying the next case.


An expanding suitcase has a section or compartment that can be unzipped to offer extra space. They are also zipped up to preserve dimensions and look of the case.tvgwedf7chwedfc8ik2

TSA locks

These are the pinnacle of the luggage locks. They can be accessed by airport officials who want to inspect the contents, rather than cutting the locks.

Telescopic trolley system

In this case, the handles are designed to shrink down inside the case. This makes make the suitcase to have a reduced overall size. Thus, it makes it convenient to carry the suitcase.